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Educating Global Thinkers

What does it mean to be a citizen in the global context? How can we effectively educate our students to be global citizens? Economic, political and cultural realities from around the world are merging together in the process of globalization. … Continue reading

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Engaging relationships

What is student engagement? Why is it important? What role does technology play in engaging students in learning? The Canadian Education Association describes student engagement as participation in the social, academic, and intellectual dimensions of school life. (Dunleavy & Milton, … Continue reading

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Mobile Transitions

When I imagine a classroom of the future, each student has their own personal tablet or laptop device. My future grandchildren will likely not know any different. They will wonder how we ever managed without personal learning devices in the … Continue reading

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Technology – Balancing Dependence and Success

Technology allows us to make the seemingly impossible become possible. Individuals with limited mobility use technological devices to interact and participate in the physical world. Students with cognitive disabilities use assistive technologies to help them read, write,and communicate knowledge and … Continue reading

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